Bee Removals in Centurion & Pretoria
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We provide a bee removal service in the Centurion and Pretoria area. We are trained, experienced professionals and your safety is our number one priority. By nature, bees can be dangerous, or if you are allergic to their stings, fatal to human beings.

The African Honeybee, Apis mellifera scutellata, is the species that we find in Southern Africa and is an aggressive species of honeybee and will defend its nest up to 30 meters away by stinging intruders. It is common for these bees to invade urban areas and nest in any cavity that is suitable.

Such spaces may include borehole covers, pool filter covers, bird nesting logs, airbricks, water features and roof cavities.

What we do:
If at all possible, we physicaly remove the entire swarm of bees from your residence without killing them. Unfortunately we sometimes have no access to the swarm and must exterminate them. For bees in Johannesburg, SMS Nick on 083 297 2853

We recommend that you never try and remove, exterminate or disturb any swarm of bees without the use of proper equipment, techniques or knowledge - rather call us to take care of your problem for you. Being the victim of an attack by our african bees can lead to serious injury and even death.